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We’ve all seen famous Art Institute paintings appropriated for various uses—see below or just imagine Nighthawks with Legos, Peeps, Star Wars characters, James Dean, etc., etc., etc.

And, frankly, we thought. . . why does everyone else get to have all the fun? So we decided to pick some of our favorite artworks, “act” them out, and see if our loyal readers could guess which pieces from the Art Institute’s permanent collection we’re mimicking. All of the pieces we chose are currently on view and can be found in the museum’s online collection. Also, (hint #1!) this is the American edition.

And don’t worry, we won’t be quitting our day jobs any time soon. Leave your guesses in the comments!

Image Credits:
Courtesy of NBC.
Georges-Pierre Seurat. A Sunday Afternoon on la Grande Jatte—1884, 1884–1886. Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection.


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9 Responses to “Charades!”

  1. Justin Mason says:

    ‘American Gothic’ – Grant Wood
    ‘Abraham Lincoln’ – Daniel Chester French
    ‘The Boxer’ – Richmond Barthe?

  2. Theresa S says:

    I recognized American Gothic right away. I think the third one might be Barthe’s Boxer. Not sure about the middle one.

    When I first saw that picture of the cast from The Office, I started looking for the monkey!

  3. Beth says:

    Grant Wood American Gothic
    Lincoln Robert Rauschenberg
    The Boxer Barthé???

  4. Katie R. says:

    Justin, correct on all counts. We’ll try to make it harder next time!

    Thanks for playing, everyone!

  5. Carolina says:

    Super fun, I think this would be a great gallery activity for families to do with their parents together and get into character!

  6. Jim W says:

    ‘Woman holding back dude from punching’ – Du-champ
    “Dude with ‘tude – waiting” – Gio -come-to-me
    “Woman doing the ‘jerk’ 1963″ Sing-sang-ho

  7. Mats T says:

    If you shall make it more difficult, try to show Ilya Bolotowsky’s Grey Diamond next time, at least that one will be harder than both American Gothic or Nighthawks.

  8. Laura M. says:

    I always love your posts, Katie R.!

  9. J. Bonila says:

    I’d love to see someone act out Hinoki.